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What to do if a dog attacks me

What do you do if a dog attacks you? Protect yourself and get to a high, safe, place. Many trainers advise a knee to the dog’s chest. Other trainers also advise pinning the dog down with a knee to their neck, if you can do so safely. Trainers also state that if you must be bitten, the safest place to sustain a bite is to a shin or a forearm. Avoid the wrists, neck, and thighs as they contain major arteries. 

The greatest difficulty in any dog bite case is locating renters or homeowners insurance against the dog owner or dog controller. If the owner does not have insurance, then our office looks into the assets of the dog owner or controller. Unfortunately in California, there is no way to protect yourself against an uninsured dog owner. The only protection you can obtain is having health insurance and/or medical payments coverage on your auto insurance policy. 

Castro & Company has extensive experience locating insurance policies and assets against irresponsible dog owners and handlers. Give us a call for a free consultation today. 


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