Step by Step for What to do after a Car Accident
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Step by Step for What to do after a Car Accident



Car accidents can be devastating. Getting in a car crash can be detrimental to your physical health, but it can also hurt your mental well-being, financial condition, and overall health. A car accident lawyer in Irvine can help you to get the compensation you deserve in case you have been injured in the crash. 


What should I do straight after a car accident?


  • Right after the accident, stop your car safely. If you fail, you could be charged with leaving the accident scene, which is more commonly known as hit and run. 
  • There can be obstructions or debris on the road, so make sure to turn on the hazard lights to alert other drivers who are coming in that way. 
  • If anyone needs urgent medical care, then make sure to call 911 for the paramedics. Try to stay calm in such situations. Avoid making rushed decisions or scrambling out of the car without knowing what is happening around you, as that can cause more harm. 
  • Get out of the car carefully and look around. If someone’s hurt or the vehicles are blocking the road, then call the police and ambulance immediately. If you do not need immediate help, you can call the police to report the accident. 
  • Please speak to the witnesses or passengers who have witnessed the accident and ask for their details. 
  • Take pictures of your car and injuries sustained by you and the passengers. Make a note of the driving conditions and the date and time of the crash. 
  • Even if the accident is minor, consider calling the insurance provider and explain about the entire situation. Please notify the car insurance provider to ensure the policy is valid. 
  • Speak to the other drivers involved in the accident and exchange the details. Do not apologize for the accident or admit fault; this is up to the police and insurance providers to decide which party is liable. Do not point the finger or get into a fight with the other driver at the side of the road; this will not help the situation. 


What happens if you don’t tell your insurance about a crash? 


A car accident can cause expenses and injuries for both drivers. With that, drivers call the insurance providers for their accident coverage. If the car is insured comprehensively and you want to claim for the damage expenses, then you need to report it and make a claim. 

In between all this, you have to keep in mind that the insurance provider has a contract with you, and the policies are based on the terms and conditions of the company, which need to comply by each party. 

If you fail to report to the insurer about the accident, the policy can be declared void. 


What information should I record at the accident scene?


  • The color, model, and number plate of the vehicles that are involved in the accident or take pictures of them. 
  • The date and time of the crash. 
  • The driving condition, lighting, road quality, and weather conditions. 
  • What kind of damage was caused to the vehicles and whether nearside door and front wing? 
  • Any injuries to the passengers, pedestrians, or drivers. 
  • The name and contact details of the person who witnessed the accident. 
  • Use the phone to take a picture of the scene, damage to the cars, and the position of the cars involved. 

If no one else is involved in the accident; for instance, you caused damage to private. 


How can the Car Accident Lawyer Help you?


It depends on the complexity of the car accident case; a car accident lawyer in Newport Beach can :

  • Organize the bills and records.
  • Communicate with the insurer of the other driver. 
  • Obtain the necessary evidence concerning fault for the accident.
  • Negotiate a satisfactory settlement with the insurance adjuster.
  • Organize and present the evidence in a court of law to prove the damage and liability. 
  • Worth it with the doctors to ensure that they provide the medical information you need so that you can prove the damages you claim. 

Negotiate with the lien holders on the claim to reduce the amount of those liens.


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