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How to Choose A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?


If you or anyone you know has faced any motorcycle accident, you know how devastating the situation can be and how distressing it can be. Suppose you got hurt by the negligence of other people, drivers, or companies- In that case, the probability is high that you can seek settlement for your medical bills and other related expenses. In such scenarios, you may need the help of a motorcycle accident lawyer in Newport beach to get you rightly compensated for your losses. 


How long will it take to settle a motorcycle claim? 

On average this can take between six months to one year or more than that to settle the motorcycle accident claim. The number may vary considerably, depending on the injuries and complexities of the case. Though many lawsuits can be settled quickly, the most complex cases take several years. 


Why Do You Need a Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

If you ever get involved in a motorcycle accident, here are the reason why you may need the help of a lawyer:

  • To know whether you deserve compensation. 
  • To help you file a legal claim.
  • To get clarification to any queries you might have
  • To negotiate on your behalf.
  • To represent in the court of law
  • To focus on recovery.


Ways to Choose the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer.

Every motorcycle lawyer is different, and so is the accident’s severity. While choosing the right lawyer for the case, you must match all your needs with the attorney’s performance. Here are the ways you can filter out who is the best motorcycle accident lawyer to handle your case and represent you in a court of law: 


  • Location


Choosing a lawyer outside of the local area will not make sense. When you live in Costa Mesa, find a motorcycle lawyer within the state. Local attorneys know the laws and local court proceedings of that area. Additionally, they are more familiar with the local judges and court officials. Having a motorcycle accident lawyer in Costa Mesa makes it easier for you to visit the office frequently, whenever you need. 


  • Experience


For an accurate evaluation of your losses, choose a motorcycle accident lawyer in Irvine with prior experience in handling such cases. Lawyers who have previously handled such accidents have the formulas to calculate the damage. The legal systems and the procedures followed in the court of law are complex. In such a scenario, you need an experienced legal professional who can strategically navigate your case. 


  • Track record


A law firm’s track record is a good indicator of its performance. You do not have to spend much time searching for lawyers in your area. Instead, look at the law firm’s experience and track record to decide whether you can trust them. Most lawyers usually do not handle cases if they don’t believe they can win the settlement

Consider checking the state bar profile of every motorcycle accident lawyer. Every lawyer registers with the state bar association. The state bar confirms the licensing and provides information on the lawyer’s conduct and ethical violations. 


  • Cost


After the accident, victims are quite overwhelmed by medical expenses, future costs, and property damage. Unfortunately, many do not believe they can afford the representation. They have this myth in mind that hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer in Irvine will cost them much. Therefore, choose a valid representation in a court of law. 


  • A place of compassion, not judgment


Consult a motorcycle accident attorney who immediately feels the need to lecture you about the unsafe nature of motorcycles. It may not be a good choice to consult that lawyer. The trust you build up in your lawyer to act in the best interest must be there. They should have the ability to help you in obtaining the compensation. If you feel that your lawyer is judging you for the accident more than they are committed to helping you obtain compensation for injuries caused by someone else’s recklessness, then you must not trust them. 


Filing A Motorcycle Accident Claim


In case you are claiming the damages after the motorcycle accident, there are two important things that you may have to prove:

  • Another driver caused the accident and the damages. 
  • How much are those damages worth

If there is clear evidence of another driver being at fault, and the damages caused by their vehicle are valid, you can expect your case to be resolved quickly. 

In many cases, there is no such requirement of evidence, but in many cases, it requires investigation as well as physical evidence like:

  • Proof of medical expenses
  • Medical reports from doctors
  • Proof of lost wages 
  • Receipts or estimates for repairs on the motorcycle. 
  • Statements from eyewitnesses



Apart from the information explained above, there are many other examples when you need a lawyer to assist and work as a negotiator or represent you in the case of a dispute and medical settlement. Before hiring an attorney, you must evade fraud and crooks. You can contact Castro & Co. to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer in Costa Mesa whom you can trust and rely on. For details, you can contact our law offices to set up an appointment.

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