Veronica Castellanos

Chief Operating Officer
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About Veronica

With more than 13 years of personal injury experience, Veronica Castellanos is deeply committed to serving Castro & Company’s clients with compassion and integrity. For Veronica, clients are number one and she provides only the highest level of care.

Veronica Castellanos grew up in a single-mother home in Santa Ana, CA with 10 siblings. Her father passed away at a young age and growing up, nothing was handed to Veronica. At 11-years-old, Veronica had her first experience with personal injury when she witnessed her mother get hit by a vehicle and spend almost a week in ICU. Thankfully her mother made a full recovery and Veronica charged on. At 12-years-old, Veronica began selling Avon makeup products door-to-door to help her mother with home expenses. At 15, she started working at McDonald’s and discovered her love for customer service and working under pressure. At 16, Veronica worked as a valet for a Marriott Hotel after high school classes. Veronica did so well that she was at Marriott for 15 years working her way up to convention coordinator and reservation supervisor. Instead of being a victim to her circumstances, Veronica fought her way to the top. If you have ever worked with Veronica, you know she has the biggest heart and the most tenacious spirit.

In 2010, Veronica started working in the personal injury field and never looked back. Veronica has worked with large personal injury firms and has seen it all. Too many firms put their own needs above their clients and Veronica is here to change that. Veronica’s passion and drive are what make her an amazing advocate for C&C’s clients. Veronica is fluent in Spanish and oversees the firm’s daily activities and also manages all client cases to ensure a great customer service experience. She is Jessica’s right hand as Chief Operating Officer and an integral part of Castro & Company.

Above all, Veronica is committed to putting people first. She looks forward to serving you. Veronica can be reached at: [email protected]