Truck Accident Attorney

 What are the Causes of Truck Accidents?

Truck accidents are typically catastrophic. The fatality in truck accidents is so high that 5,000 Americans die every year in truck accidents. The most common causes of truck accidents lie with a driver, either the truck driver or the driver of the other vehicle. 

Some of the major causes of truck accidents could range anywhere from a drunk driving situation to fatigue and exhaustion. Listed below are some of the most common causes of truck accidents that can force you to hire a truck accident attorney in Irvine:

  • Driving while intoxicated

Truck drivers have commercial driver’s licenses, and the standard of intoxication is considerably stricter than they are for other drivers. You can use such a transgression to win a personal injury claim against the driver. 

  • Fatigue

Truck drivers are always under pressure to work long hours. Even though the law requires truck drivers to take a certain amount of rest, some drivers neglect this. It can lead to a dangerous situation with a truck driver asleep at the wheel.

  • Distracted driving

Truck drivers are also vulnerable as anyone else, such as when texting or calling on a cell phone. Even listening to music to ease the boredom of a long journey can comprise distracted driving.

Consider hiring a truck accident attorney in Newport Beach to understand the further legal procedures that need to be followed in case you’re involved in a truck accident.

How to find a Good Truck Accident Lawyer? 

Accidents are inevitable and can affect not just one but tens of lives. From missing days at work to incurring significant medical bills, an accident is a disruptive event that can affect financial and physical well-being. 

Whether you are an injury victim because of a car, bicycle, or truck accident, you deserve fair compensation for damages resulting from serious injuries. Hiring an experienced truck accident attorney in Costa Mesa to represent your injuries against the responsible party is wise to seek the best possible result. 

Why Choose Castro & Co. as your Truck Accident Attorney? 

Castro & Co. specializes in accident-related injuries and personal injury claims. We deliver our clients’ reliable advice and can show all the practice areas, tactics, and options in your best interests after the injury. 

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A truck accident attorney in Newport Beach can help you to get your settlement beforehand and avoid unnecessary legal disputes.

The cost may vary if you consider hiring a truck accident lawyer in Costa Mesa. This depends upon the lawyer’s expertise and the dispute’s severity.

Yes, you must contact a truck accident lawyer in Irvine so that you don’t have to take the burden of medical compensation and other things that are related to such disputes.

Yes, you must file a truck accident lawsuit if the other party will not agree to settle down with the compensation you asked for. This is better to have a truck accident attorney in Irvine to avoid unpleasant situations.

You can file your suit within two years from the accident date, but it would be better if you take quick action against this. For further guidance, you can take the help of a truck accident attorney in Costa Mesa.

By eyewitness reports, truck maintenance records, police reports, driver logs, and compliance history of the trucking company, a truck accident attorney in Newport Beach can prove the trucking.


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