Car Accident Lawyer

What Causes More Car Accidents? 

A car accident is one of the most unwanted & unforeseen things to happen, though it happens quite often. The main cause of accidents and crashes majorly boils down to human errors. Elaborating some of the common behavior of humans that results in accidents:

  • Drunken driving
  • Distractions to driver
  • Red light jumping
  • Avoiding safety gear like seat belts and helmets
  • Non-adherence to lane driving and overtaking in a wrong manner
  • Over speeding

These are the most common behaviors of road drivers that lead to accidents. To understand the causes or consult with an attorney at law, you can contact a car accident lawyer in Costa Mesa. 

Am I Entitled to Compensation for a Car Accident? 

Accident victims seeking to recover compensation need to understand what their car accidents cost them. In most states, the person who is liable for the car accident is the person who will be on the financial hook for any vehicle damage and the injuries that are caused by accident. Some of the most common types of economic or non-economic damages which are recoverable by the accident victim if their injuries were caused by the negligent actions of the at-fault driver include:

  • Property loss damages to the vehicle, which require replacements or repairs. 
  • Suffering, trauma, and pain from a serious accident’s long-term physical or psychological impact. 
  • Current and estimated medical expenses for extended treatment and care.

To give yourself a fair chance for a favorable settlement, you can hire a car accident lawyer in Newport beach. 

Car accidents in “NO FAULT – STATES.”

With no-fault coverage, passengers or injured drivers reach out to their car insurance coverage after the car accident, irrespective of the matter which caused the crash. The only possible thing is to step outside the “no-fault” system and file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver if a claim meets one or more thresholds in the state.  

When should you Hire a Car Injury Lawyer? 

There is always a deadline for any personal injury claim with an insurance company after a motor vehicle accident. Apart from this, a separate deadline for filing a lawsuit should a car accident case need to go to a court of law for recovery compensation. 

Most car accident insurers expect fast reporting of your accident and start a claim to initiate coverage. Failure or delay in filing the personal injury claim runs the risk of the insurance company arguing in reporting.

In such situations, if you are worried about the chances of recovering compensation after a serious car accident, then you should hire a car accident lawyer in Newport beach

Why Choose Castro & Company for your Car Accident Lawyer? 

Our team comprises dedicated and experienced professionals committed to providing effective and efficient services to exceed our client’s needs. We believe our work must always be of the highest quality.

 It is the most typical cause of personal injury claims. If the insurance does not fully recover your casualties, you can contact a personal injury attorney in Costa Mesa to take legal action against the at-fault driver. 

Our team will oblige you through the insurance claim process.

We are dedicated to maintaining these high standards within a framework. 

Contact us today to learn more about the other services or hire a car accident lawyer. 


Suppose you suffered permanent or any such serious injury. In that case, if you need or have suffered from broken bones and require hospitalization, you must consider hiring a car accident lawyer in Costa Mesa to handle the legal aspect of your compensation.

A car accident can drastically change your life, and you may have to deal with many unplanned circumstances. So hiring a car accident lawyer in Newport beach who can guide you through the entire procedure can help you get the right compensation and is the best option.

You can sue someone two years after the accident. However, the circumstances can vary. So, hiring the services of a car accident lawyer in Costa Mesa.  can help you fasten the process

You are not supposed to go for the settlement right after the settlement on your own. Please take the help of a car accident lawyer in Costa Mesa. They can help you get the exact settlement you deserve after the accident.

The duration depends upon the severity of the accident and the car accident lawyer in Newport Beach whom you choose to resolve your accident settlement dispute.

Yes, you can sue for the car accident if you have suffered severe injuries because of the other party’s negligence. Castro and Co. are offering a service where the car accident lawyer in Costa Mesa.  will guide you through the procedure and help you get your appropriate settlement.


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