Personal Injury Lawyer in Newport Beach

Personal Injury Lawyer in Newport Beach 

It is normal to feel quite overwhelmed if you or anyone you know has suffered an injury from a car accident, a fall, a slip, or a medical mistake. 

However, those with high medical costs, severe injuries, loss of income due to the injuries, or illness are more at risk of experiencing difficulties in dealing with the situation. In this position, you may need the help of a Personal Injury Lawyer near Newport Beach to get you rightly compensated


Types of cases A Personal Injury Lawyer in Newport beach Handles 

At Castro & Co, a Personal Injury Attorney In Newport Beach compassionately represents their clients in court to protect their legal rights and financial interests. Here we are devoted to pursuing monetary compensation for our clients. Irrespective of the specific situations the client is dealing with, we are here to guide them in understanding their rights, responsibilities, and options. 

We handle the full range of personal injury cases in Newport Beach, including :

  • Car Accidents

Even safe drivers can end up in a severe crash. Our Personal Injury Attorneys in Newport Beach help the victims and their families navigate the legal claims procedure. 

  • Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle car accidents in Newport Beach happen far too frequently. Our injury attorneys work to protect those rights for the clients. 

  •  Wrongful Death

If you lose any of your loved ones due to the other party’s negligence, consider reaching out to our attorney, who is experienced in fighting legal battles for grieving clients. 

  • Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks can cause serious accidents when proper care is not taken. Our Newport Beach lawyer takes this burden of navigating the legal procedure off our clients to allow them to focus on recovering from the trauma of being in an accident. 


Get legal consultation from a  Personal Injury Lawyer in Newport Beach. 

It depends upon the severity of the dispute and how much you have to spend. Before that, you need to discuss it with your Personal Injury Lawyer; then, you can set the budget accordingly. 

At Castro & Co., our priority is providing the right solutions to our clients. 


Contact Castro & Company for your Personal Injury Lawyer in Newport beach.

Personal Injury claims are serious matters when an innocent person has faced severe injury. If you want fair and full compensation, you will need the help of professional knowledge and the capacity to represent you in a court of law. If you want an experienced litigator for a case involving serious personal injury, then get in contact with Castro & Co.

Discuss your case with us, and let the team of Castro & Co. assist you with the legal aspect of your case while you get better. 



For any personal injury claim that can impact your physical, emotional, and financial health, you can file a suit against the liable party to compensate for the accident. Car accidents, wrongful death, and truck accidents are the types of personal injuries where you can claim your compensation by reaching out to a personal injury attorney in costa mesa.

The time limit for the personal injury claim will be up to three years. You can take the help of a personal injury attorney in Irvine.

The first and foremost thing you need to do for personal injury claims is to hire and retain a personal injury attorney in Newport beach. Your attorney can guide you through the further procedure and what you need to do.

The cost of the personal injury claim may vary in accordance with the severity of the injury. You can take guidance from a personal injury attorney in Newport Beach for further procedures.

Three years will be the maximum limit for a personal injury claim in Irvine. An experienced personal injury attorney in Irvine can help you to fasten the procedure.

If you have legal expenses insurance, you can avail of it in such situations, and a personal injury attorney in Costa Mesa can help you with it.


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