A Guide to Motorcycle Accident Claims
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A Guide to Motorcycle Accident Claims


Motorcycle accident insurance claims must be straightforward, but they are complicated and require a lot from you to prove the claim. Motorcycle accidents can be dangerous, and there are high chances you were involved in one or had some injury or property damage since you’re here reading this blog. In such a case, you may find yourself dealing with the insurance company soon and need a motorcycle lawyer in Costa Mesa

This is crucial to understand how they work, even if the right actions can increase the chances of getting full compensation for the damages you deserve. Here is everything you need to know about motorcycle accident claims.


Eligibility criteria for making a Motorcycle Accident Claim

All road users who have sustained injuries in a motorcycle accident due to negligence or any other driver or rider may be entitled to accident compensation.


Compensation following the death of the motorcyclist 

Suppose the motorcyclist dies due to the motorcycle crash, and the motorcycle accident occurs due to negligence or another rider or driver. In that case, their dependents may be able to claim with the insurance commission for the dependency. 

In a fatal motorcycle crash, compensation awarded to the dependents of the fatally injured motorcycle riders can be considerable. In a fatal injury claim, compensation may be available for the remainder of the dependent’s life in the case of the de facto partner or wife. Consult the lawyers near you if your loved one is involved in a motorcycle crash. 


Damages You Can Include in Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

In case you are filing the property damage without the injuries, then you are entitled to collect the lesser of the:

  • The bike’s value at the time of the accident, not including the salvage value. 
  • OR the repair costs of the bike.


If you are filing a claim against the other driver’s insurance, you should be able to collect the full amount. If the claim is made against your insurer, the policy coverage will determine how much you have to collect.

Many accident victims wonder how much a claim is worth. The answer is highly personalised, based on the details of th case, including the degree of the fault and how severe injuries and any other damages are. But, if you have no blame for the accident and suffered a lot of damage, your potential compensation will be higher. 


Personal Injuries Compensation Claim

If you suffered injuries from the crash, you could file a claim for the expenses you face because of the accident. That include:

  • Medical costs like hospital and doctor bills, physical therapy, prescription medications and other medical expenses resulting from the current or the future treatment of the accident injuries. 
  • Lost wages from the missed work time because of the accident and the injuries. It includes loss of future earning capacity if you can not return to work as did before. 
  • General damages like pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of companionship or physical impairment. 

You can collect the damages in the state where the motorcycle accident occurred. If you are unsure about the rules around the fault in the state, then you can contact a motorcycle lawyer in Newport Beach. 



Things You Can Say To an Insurer After an Accident

The best thing you can do when the insurance company asks for the details about the motorcycle accident is to refuse to give the information yourself and let the motorcycle accident lawyer in Costa Mesa do the talking. If you do not have a lawyer, then you use the following strategies until you get the lawyer:

  • Write down all the accident details before you talk to the insurance company, and have the notes in front of you during the call, so you do not contradict yourself. 
  • If the insurer asks you about the injuries, then say that you are still undergoing treatment. 
  • Never be bullied into agreeing with something you do not believe happened. They may try to act like your well-wisher – they are not and have the motive for asking certain questions. Their job is to pay as little as they can. 
  • Say that this is not a good time to talk and you will call them back later. 


Contact A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer 

Apart from the tips cited above, there are many other instances when you require a lawyer to aid and function as a negotiator or represent you in the case of a conflict and medical compensation. Before hiring an attorney, you must dodge fakers and scammers. You can contact Castro & Co. to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer in Irvine whom you can trust and rely on. For details, you can contact our law offices to set up an appointment.


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